Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Couple of Great Finds!

Easy Bakeware

This one has been around for awhile, but I've been putting off trying it. I've had a few friends try it and they liked it. If you click on the above, you can order one free bakeware, and only pay $1 shipping I think. I plan on doing it this month! I think I've read that you can do it EVERY month!


I downloaded this e-book a few days ago. There are some super cute things in there. I like the little bag you can sew, and of course, if you don't use the stars and stripes fabric, you can make the bag with any kind of color schemes. Click on the little banner above if you'd like to download your free copy!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

If you do the free bakeware, make sure you cancel within 7 days, or you will be charged $14.95 for the Home Savings Mall subscription - I outlined the details here:

It is easy and it does work :) I don't know about doing it more than once, though - I haven't tried that.

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