Monday, July 06, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

We are going camping with my parents this weekend, and I told mom I'd do the food planning since she has lots of work coming up. So I sat down Saturday and did our 2 week menu plan...first time this summer! I'm only posting dinners, but I planned breakfasts and lunches too, and I baked 3 dozen muffins for our trip for easy breakfasts and snacks, and have 2 more to go! Lots of items the 2nd week are coming from our freezer meals! I linked to the monthly meal for them, and you can click on where they found them. I love :)

Monday: tacos with leftover roast I made yesterday, homemade tortillas and black beans
Tuesday: Salmon, brown rice, squash/zucchini (got the salmon--wild caught, fresh, ALASKAN--on sale at Kroger for $2.99 a pound!)
Wednesday: Brown rice, chicken, broccoli stir fry
Thursday (at campsite thurs night through sunday lunch): grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and veggies
Friday: grilled porkchops
Saturday: grilled chicken
Sunday: grilled cheese/sandwiches at home
Tuesday: Meatballs and hoagies with steamed green beans
Wednesday: Asian Flank Steak with brown rice and bell pepper
Friday: Spaghetti Pie with green beans

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