Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Cash is King!

Swagbucks has new thing you can earn with swagbucks....MONEY! As of today they are now offering $5 to your paypal account for 80 swagbucks. Now, it may not make as much sense as the 45 swagbucks for $5 to, but they are doing this for people really suffering from the economy. Amazon can't pay rent or your car payment, so they are offering a way to cash out what you earn online! I think it's another great thing this GREAT company is doing. If you haven't heard about swagbucks, please read this old post of mine. And if you are tired of hearing me talk about it, then click this link to sign up :). And, if you do so before July 6th at 12 pm, and use code: CASHISKING , you will get 5 swagbucks to start!!

1 comment:

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

I signed up for this but I still have not had time to figure it out! Got any tips?

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