Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kids Stats & signing

Here are the kids stats for my rememberance :)

Cara, 3 years:

39 pounds (96%)
40 inches tall (96%)
head wasn't measured
Micah, 9 months:
20 pounds, 1 ounce (41%)
28.25 inches (50%)
18 inches head (61%)

It's crazy because I think of Micah as so big, but he has been increasing getting more 'average.' He started his weight in the 62%, then up to high 70s, then to 60 at 6 months, and now in the low 40s! Even Dr. L said, "wow, he looks a lot heavier than he is." It's the cheeks, and the thighs :). We had his TOO CUTE for words 9 month pictures taken today, can't wait to get those next Friday. Here's a recent picture of both of them.

Cara playing with her my little pony.

Micah and Daddy up in Dallas last weekend.
I forgot to mention, Micah is now signing milk and eat!! He's been watching Signing Times (though not as often as Cara did), but did his first sign earlier than she did. And when we sign like more and all done, we can tell he knows what we're saying! :) Yea for baby signs!

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Leah said...

Hey MIsty! I am really wanting to sign with Perri and do some signs but not sure which DVD is the best to get for this? I have looked up Signing Times and there are Signing Times and then there's a Baby Signing Times. Do you use the Baby one? Thanks for the help!!

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