Friday, July 03, 2009

Entertainment Book 2010!

2010?? Yes, less than 6 months from now, can you believe it?? Wow. Anyways, I purchased my 2009 Entertainment book in February, when they were on sale for $12.50. I went through and they were running a promotion for $10 back on it, so I really spent only $2.50 (I got my first cash out in June for $46!!)! And the best part about it is, there are 4 coupons for $5 off a $50 total at Randall's (before coupons), so that's $20 right there. Most people have seen the entertainment books before. They are filled with coupons and come with a dining card that you can use.

They are running a special now, if you reserve your 2010 Entertainment Book, you can get a 2009 for free!! I know the Randall's are by quarter, so probably 2 or 3 of the $5 off coupons have expired, but you can't beat free!

Click here if you want to beat the rush, and get 2 books for the price of 1!!

Here are some of the features of pre-ordering from the website:

-No price increase on your reserved 2010 book - a savings of up to $10!
-Free shipping on all books you receive through the renewal program - a savings of $5 per book!
-10% off additional books purchased each year!
-The opportunity to buy additional Fine Dine Membership cards for 50% off!
-Exclusive book, online, and merchant offers!
And here are the details of membership:
Program Details
1. Order your 2009 Entertainment book and pay only $4.99 for Shipping and Handling. Most of the offers in the Entertainment book may be used up to November 1, 2009.
2. In August or September of 2009, your 2010 book will be shipped to you and you will be charged the 2009 retail price for the book (between $25 and $51 USD, depending on the edition--side note, I looked and Katy's zip 77450, it's $25). Shipping and handling are free!
3. Each year following, we'll send you a notification approximately one month prior to shipping your new edition ("New Edition Notification"). You'll get a New Edition Notification from us in July or August that contains the approximate ship date, the date your credit card or debit check card will be charged, and instructions for canceling the order, should you choose to do so.
4. If you don't cancel, Entertainment will charge your Credit Card or Debit Check Card when your book ships. You'll be charged the retail price for the book (between $25 and $51 USD, depending on the edition). Shipping and handling are free!
5. If your Payment Method reaches its expiration date, your failure to cancel after receipt of the New Edition Notification will constitute your authorization for us to continue billing that Payment Method.
6. For your convenience we will continue to send you the book each year until you cancel.
7. If you cancel within the first year, your credit card will be charged a $5 cancellation fee.

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