Saturday, September 12, 2009

2 things--financial helps and workout HELP (for me)

Ok, two things.  You might have already seen this online around the web.  Dave Ramsey (who I LOVE) is giving away $999 a day (plus $1) to someone to start their first emergency fund (baby step 1 in his Total Money Makeover Program).  You can register every day from 9/9/09 to 9/18/09.  Have your spouse do it too!!  Oh how I hope to win!  That's about how much we have left on our minivan (which we are paying off in October, win or no win)!

Second thing, I didn't post my WW results on my facebook page yesterday like I have been doing each week.  I bet you can guess why....yep, I gained a pound.  So now I'm only down 9 pounds.  And I'm kinda mad at myself.  I have been NOT keeping track of what I eat, and not really doing much.  I always do this, I do pretty well for about a month, then I give up.  Don't know why, I'm still doing ok, but I have decided I need to get my bottom off the couch.  So, I came across this blog that I've been occasionally reading.  And, I've been thinking to myself, I NEED to start working out.  We are keeping with our savings goals, so there is no gym membership in my future, so I need and want to start running.  But, I have asthma, and I have always not done well at running.  Well, she posted about the couch to 5K plan that takes around 2 months!  That sounds like a plan, and you know I love plans!!!  So, I am going to start the plan tomorrow (I know, why not today), but I will, I promise, and I'm putting it on my blog so if you read this and talk to me, you will ask me how it's going!! 

That's all for now.  I hope to start redesigning this blog thing soon, but I'm also super sewing lately, so that's been taking up my time.  I actually opened an etsy store, but will not be posting to it or adding things to it until I can get it just how I like it (and Val, I need your HELP!!).  Have a relaxing weekend!

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The Thorne's said...

The couch to 5k plan is great! I never ran the 5k, but I did get into running consistently. Too bad this pregnancy has set me back a little. Anyways, it took me a good month before I felt like I could really be a runner. I was really frustrated the first few weeks, but then all of the sudden I went from being able to run 10 minutes to like 40 minutes. You can do it!

Heather said...

Hi Misty! You commented on my blog to check out your sewing I'm here lurking around now. lol After reading through your blog, I had to tell you how much we have in common. Right down to learning / starting to run. Cloth diapering our kids. Dave Ramsey, which by the way, his plan works! We've paid off BOTH of our cars, all of our credit card debt, & have a very nice savings account now. Anyway, thanks for visiting. :)

Aimee said...

Hey! How's the running going? :) Also, what's an etsy store?

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