Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Free Swagbucks!

So, I love swagbucks. I've made close to $100 (or more?) to spend on amazon.com, just by searching, and having my friends search. Right now, they just released the new swagbucks toolbar, and for the 30 days of September (if you download it), they will release a new swagcode EACH DAY! All you have to do is input it and you're almost to your first $5 amazon.com gift card (or tons of other great prizes). So click here, sign up, and download the new toolbar. If you are brand new, input code: moneysaving1 (thanks moneysavingmethods!!) and you get 5 bonus points! If you're not new, just go to swagbucks.com and download your new toolbar! :)
Search & Win


Julie said...

Hey, how do the swagcodes work? Do you just search that code? I keep hearing things about swagcodes but didn't know how they got you bucks!

Misty said...

well normally, if you find one, you just go to swagbucks.com and ont he main page, just under the box with the number of swag bucks you have, is a box that says GIMME. you copy the swagcode in there, and it adds to your swagbucks. Now, witht he new toolbar, there's a drop down box that says "From TSG (the swag guy)" and you click on it, and it has given me a code both days to go input!

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