Sunday, September 13, 2009

Running take 1.....or 501!

Wow, I can't believe I'm already doing my 501st post!  I did my 401st post earlier this year, go check it out :)

Anyways, I did my first workout as a part of my couch to 5k running plan today, though I didn't do the whole thing.  I was supposed to do a brisk 5 minute walk, then alternate running 60 seconds and walking 90 seconds for 20 more minutes.  I was trying to fit it in right before dinner, because after dinner was our family night faith talk, early bedtime (because neither child napped today, :( ), and I had to run to Kroger for the week so that I wouldn't have to take 3 kids tomorrow.  So I put dinner in the oven, changed, and headed out the door with a watch.  Well, as I started my brisk warm up walk, I realized I didn't take my inhaler.  I have exercise induced asthma (as well as allergy-induced), and I usually take it around 30 minutes before I work out.  It's not usually a problem if I don't, but I always need it with me, because 9 times out of 10, I need it!!  So, I was a little worried, and didn't want to get too out of breath.  Plus, I haven't worked out in maybe 3-4 weeks (and that was in my house doing a DVD) and knew it would be hard!  But I do have to tell you, even amidst all those excuses, which I know that's what they are, it felt great.  Eric stayed with the kids (even though Cara REALLY wanted to come with me) and it was great to be out in God's creation, alone with my thoughts and trying to better myself.  I ended up only doing about 16 of the 25 minutes, but it felt good.  I'm not going to count it as my first workout, so I will do 3 this week.  I also need to not do it at 5 pm when it's REALLY hot! :)  I am praying to make this a real GOAL that I stick with. 

In other news, Eric's dad has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, and it has been found in some lymph nodes, on his adrenal gland, and he has a brain lesion, among other things.  He is a fighter, and that's where we are, at the start of the fight.  Please please please be in prayer for him and our family. 

Also, if you know how to fix my header (make it a normal, bigger size), HELP.  I made it in picnik, and have tried all I can to make it fit better, but I can't!

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1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I'm sorry to hear about Eric's dad.

Your image code needs a _b right before the .jpg and that should do it as long as the img tag doesn't have a width="500" in it somewhere. width should equal the width of your space here on the blog.

change this:

img alt='The Newsome Family' height='200' id='Header1_headerimg' src='' style='display: block' width='500'/

to this: img alt='The Newsome Family' id='Header1_headerimg' src='' style='display: block' width='900'/

and make sure it's inside the < and > though I don't know how you edit the template's actual code in blogger. Good luck with that!

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