Sunday, September 27, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Quick post, here's what we are trying to do this week....though it may change...

Monday: yogurt & fruit, sandwiches, ground beef casserole
Tuesday: cereal, leftovers, garden chowder soup
Wednesday: steel cut oatmeal, leftovers, dinner at church (salad and pasta)
Thursday: homemade waffles and fruit, sandwiches and fruit/veggies/salad for me, chick fil a
Friday: muffins, chicken taco wraps, wanchai ferry (got for free) dinner
Saturday: Bacon & eggs, waffles, ???? probably sandwiches, rice/beans
Sunday: cereal, out to eat, pork loin roast

Visit for more menuplan mondays! (or will be tomorrow)

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1 comment:

Zonnah said...

Your menu looks yummy :)

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