Saturday, September 05, 2009

Vista Print & Colorful Images

Vista Print
Ok, so who hasn't heard of VistaPrint??  I just wanted to put in a shameless plug for a great company, and for early Christmas gift ideas!  They give lots of free samples, and are rather affordable!  And they have super quick shipping, which I love.  I have received numerous free business cards (for back when was more proactive in selling Juice Plus, as well as for my CPA business).  I have made Christmas gifts for family members using them (photo calendars, note pads, etc) as well as myself (our yearly photo calendar is from them).  I even did our christmas cards on their website last year!!  Usually, I get 100-250 free business cards, and shipping is usually $5.50 or so;  it says 21 days, but I usually get them within a few days!!  I have also used them when I do my online offers, and they always approve, which I also love!!  Anyways, just thought I'd throw you out some ideas. 

Colorful Images
Also, I really enjoy Colorful Images!  I used to get all my checks (personalized with a photo of course!) from them.  Now I use free billpay from my credit union, so I don't need the checks.  But I did want to make you aware, currently they have 20% off ALL Christmas cards (can never buy those too early, I got mine last January!!!) with free personalization.  Hurry, this ends on 9/29!
Also, don't buy a paper Sunday if you don't have a subscription....there are no coupons in a holiday weekend paper!

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Valerie said...

I also love VistaPrint! I've been using them for like 5 years!! B and i used them for a lot of stuff regarding the Etsy store!

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