Monday, September 21, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday, hosted by!

I'm super bummed because I planned out all my meals, went to the grocery store (I'm averaging under $40/week!!--last night was $37.99) and was all ready to do this post today.  However, sometime between last night and today, I have misplacled my list!!!  Oh well, I remember most of it, however I know tonight was supposed to be rice and beans, tortillas, etc, and I forgot to soak my beans overnight, so I will be making something else.  ;)

Monday: fruit/cereal, leftovers (creamy pesto rigatoni with chunky tomatoes), hamburgers with homemade buns
Tuesday:  muffins, PB&J, rice, beans, tortillas, cheese, salsa
Wednesday:  mufins, leftovers, dinner at church/salad
Thursday:  cereal and fruit, mac n cheese and broccoli, free chick-fil-a and a salad
Friday: biscuits, cheese, chicken & pasta, sandwiches (hubby at astros, sister visiting/sewing!)
Saturday:  ALL DAY trip to Corpus, snacks in car, probably eating out with in-laws
Sunday: cereal/fruit, lunch out with my friends I used to work with (kids/hubby eat leftovers), grilled chicken, steamed broccoli and green beans, rice

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skier918 said...

You're so good, Misty!! I admire your detailed planning. And I'm so sorry that my blog background is the same as yours! Promise I didn't do that on purpose- we just have the same taste :) When I changed my background when the first adoption fell through, I was looking for a background that had pink AND blue (since we don't know the sex of the baby). Later, I found your blog- oops!

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