Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mid-Week pick-me-up!

Micah Giggles
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I'm part of MamaBzz now! I have been accepted for my first review, which will be posted in early November, so watch for that! :) I have only been involved for a couple of weeks, but the women I have 'met' on our little 'hive' group are inspiring. They are a lot of Christian women, sharing their lives with each other. What better way to grow and be encouraged!!

The fearless queen bees have started a new Wednesday meme--pick me up!! Who couldn't use a little pick me up?? :)
Mama Buzz
Well, I have a bunch of cute videos of M and C on our new little digital video recorder, and haven't got them off...until now. Here is just a snippet of the fun we've been having at the Newsome house :)

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Jessica said...

Baby Giggles are the best.

Stopping by from MamBzz!

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