Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Baking day

I was all set to bake the day away this morning, when right after breakfast I realized I was totally out of eggs!!  So, I loaded the kids up and we went to the store.  Got some eggs and a few other things (chocolate chips and a large can of pumpkin), then came home and unloaded.  I decided it was too gorgeous a day to spend the whole day inside, so we met our friends at a local park for playgroup, and had a great time.  The weather is just gorgeous recently!!  We came home, had a light lunch (no one was really hungry, yogurt and an apple) and I put Micah down.  The girls colored for around 30 minutes and played, and then I laid them down.  I found these recipes from MoneySavingMom's baking day yesterday, and decided to try them.  I am knee deep in cheap bananas, so I wanted most of my recipes to have banana in them.  I doubled this recipe and oh my goodness did it make a bunch.  I ended up having to split it up in the mixer, my bowl was FULL!  It ended up making over 120 mini muffins, 24 or 36 regular sized muffins and by then I was tired of putting batter in tiny muffin pans, so I made the last bit into a loaf!!  Then, I used this recipe and doubled it.  It made one large loaf and 2 small loaves.  I was all set to make this recipe next, but I needed a shower before church and the kids were still asleep, and I never know how long that'll last! :)  So, I will try to make it tomorrow during nap and let you know how it goes.  As you know, my best bud just had a baby girl, so I took her over some muffins and a loaf of (slightly burned) banana bread tonight, and have tons to share with a friend from church who is going through a rough marriage patch.  I also have some healthy breakfasts in my freezer now instead of having leftover birthday cake for breakfast ;). 

And what was I blessed with today?  The sweetest note from a friend who moved far far away earlier this year.  You made me cry bud!!  I miss you guys so much and can't wait to see you in January!!!!! :)  Blessings to your family, and thank you for your encouraging words!

This is part of Works for Me Wednesday, because baking in bulk and pulling from my freezer WORKS FOR ME!! :)

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Valerie Pearson said...

Girl...your 30 days of giving is in overdrive! And it's rubbing off on me...even if all I give is spot in traffic! Keep it up!!

Sharon said...

I just got a freezer for my birthday and I'm on a mission to fill it up! And muffins sound good - here I come

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