Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Kids Conversations!

If only, when I sat down at the computer, I could remember all the hilarious things these kids in my life say!!

Here is one I had today.

Me to the girl and boy who are playing doctor: "Let's not pull our shirts up anymore.  I know you're only showing your belly, but still it's not appropriate."
Them: "Yes Ma'am"

5 minutes later, I walk into the room
C: "I wasn't lifting my shirt up, we were just playing doctor, but J did."
J: "Yeah, we're just being sassy.  Do you know what that means?"
Me: "Um, yes, I know what sassy means.  Please stop lifting your shirts up."
J: "The mystery is the history!"

These silly kids, I wonder what they think of us sometimes, because sometimes, I just can't figure them out!!! :)

I'm giving of my Aynslee-free time today.  Her mom stayed home with her today because she was running a slight fever yesterday, and I really appreciate it!  So I took Cara to dance, and it was nice just having to get one little girls ballet, and then tap shoes on!  :)  So now I'm watching Jack and Sam while Val visits her new baby girl in the NICU, for hopefully the last day or 2.  Cara and I had a great morning and I've been doing some tracing worksheets in a book I got to review, and goodness she LOVES them.  She gets upset when I let her only do one or two! :) 

Anyways, it is such a blessing to watch my kids play with their best friends, and I am so thankful for the friendship that has formed in the past couple of years between my family and hers.  Val--I love you girl and can't wait to meet that little miss! :)

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Valerie Pearson said...

evil post for a post-partum mommy. let the tears begin!

Misty said...

No need for tears friend!! :) I'll just say it's the hormones!

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