Monday, November 02, 2009

Grocery Shopping mixed in with a little bit of giving

I haven't been doing much couponing (or purchasing really) lately, and I was inspired by Katy Couponers and her google doc that she made available to everyone, so I spent nap time getting all my coupons together, and I was ready to do 2 transations with 30 items each for $15 off each transaction.  I knew some things wouldn't be available (which ended up being ricolla, rolaids, etc), so I ended up with only 50 of the items (and I purchased other things...which wil be explained later).  Here's what my total looks like.  Everything from 2 transactions:

Total first transaction was $17.16 with a savings of 75%!!  Second transaction was $17.87 with a savings of 65%, so total was $35.03.  This was basically a 'bonus' week.  I did go to the store before the month ended on Saturday and picked up some things I should have got last week....I didn't really cook at all last week, so last week's menu plan is just carrying over to this week.  This morning I took the kids before lunch and got bread, milk, lettuce and bananas, etc so I still stayed within my $50 for the week.  I don't usually buy all this stuff, and I must say the most expensive things I did get, just because they were part of the mega deal, were the pizzas.  I could have done it cheaper, but I chose to buy the pie crusts, which I will use this holiday season, over purchasing the Sunny D, which the first 2 ingredients were water and high fructose corn syrup and we've never had it in our house! 

Anyways, Sunday in our ABF (adult bible fellowship) we signed up for items to put in a thanksgiving basket for people who need them.  I of course signed up for things I was pretty sure I already had on hand, with a few things I knew I needed to buy (corn meal, rice), I think about 6-7 things total.  In the spirit of 30 days of giving, I decided to use my coupons and transactions today to get a few more things to bless the recipient of our basket with.  Here is what I either purchased today or pulled from our stockpile.  This is not, as Alyssa said, to boast or show what all I've done, but rather to inspire others to give however they're able!  My grocery budget is $200/month, and I'm excited to be able to give this, it may not seem like much, but it's a lot ot me!

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jaxonsmommy said...

we really need to talk! only $200 a month how is that possible? We are $600/month and lucky to stay at that. I don't know how you can do that. Call me....

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