Sunday, November 15, 2009

Misty's Blessings Blog!

I wasn't sure if I've mentioned it here before or not....but I have a blog for my etsy store, which can be found here.  If you'd like to follow it, so you can see my very random and not frequent sure to do so...I have a giveaway up my sleeve as soon as my followers reach 10 on the etsy blog!! :)

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1 comment:

Jen Barnes said...

Your etsy blog won't let me comment but those are some darn cute shoes!

Make sure you apply for your tax permit - - and charge sales tax. I heard from a friend of mine also doing etsy that there is a TX buyer out there that orders and cancels if you don't charge State sales tax then reports you for tax fraud. Scary stuff and I wouldn't want it to happen to you!

Also, since your esty name has the word "blessings" in it, you might want to cover all of your bases and apply for a DBA too.

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