Tuesday, March 03, 2009

46 CENT Walgreens shopping spree

Thanks to MoneySavingMom I always love her Walgreens deals posts!

Here's what I got for $.46. It wasn't even out of pocket, because I have $75 in walgreens gift cards from filling 3 prescriptions there (thanks kids!) :).

4 boxes Ritz crackers (B1G1, $1.99 for 2)
- 2 $2/2 coupon from 1/25 Smartsource insert (Thanks Kendra!)
= $.02 overage

1 Sambucol cold and flu relief $12.99
- $4 printable coupon here
-$10 coupon from March Easy Saver book (available at Walgreens)
= $1.01 overage

Colgate Total toothpaste $3.49
-$2.50 coupon from March Easy Saver book (available at Walgreens)
-$1/1 coupon from 2/22 SmartSource inserts

20 ounce Coke (i know, bad misty!) $1.30

That's the reason I got the coke, to use up the overages. Yea! :)


Jen Barnes said...

That's amazing... $75 in gift cards?! I just filled a bunch of prescriptions for us there this week and got $0 in gift cards!

Misty said...

We don't have any monthly prescriptions that we can transfer back and forth, so I asked the guy at Walgreens (the pharmacist) how I could take advantage of the gift card coupons. Only do this if you have time. He said drop the prescription off at CVS (or someone else). Come to walgreens and (I always made a copy of it, so I had it to give to walgreens with the CVS phone number, etc) tell them where to call. As long as CVS has started to process it and Walgreens can get a 'script #", you can get the gift card. I feel bad not picking it up at CVS, but not THAT bad!

Jen Barnes said...

wow. Yeah. I don't think I have the time for that YET

… as I don't have the time (or more accurately, don't want to make the time) for any of the CVS/Walgreens/couponhunting "deals." Maybe when Korben is a little bigger, maybe. I'm still in the "spend money to save money?#@?" phase of disbelief over all these so-called "deals." You've convinced me on the $500 gift card, though.

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