Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Trip to Corpus

We had a great trip to Corpus last Wednesday. We stopped in Sinton on the way into town and had lunch with my Grandma Betty Chafin. It was her first time to meet Micah (as was everyone we saw almost).

After lunch at the Butter Churn :), we headed to Eric's grandma MeeMee's house. We got to see her and his Uncle Steve.
After that, we headed to his Aunt Patti and Uncle Freddy's house. This is Matthew, their grandson (Eric's cousin Amy's baby boy), they are 10 months a part. He is Tiny. Micah is Huge. They almost look the same size, but Matty can walk! :)

My aunt and uncle recently moved to Corpus, about a year ago. We found out they live like 1.5 miles from Patti! We stopped by and saw them on the way out of town. We headed back to Sinton to see my Uncle Blair and he cooked us fajitas at Betty's house. We returned home at 11, and BOY was it a long but FUN day!

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