Thursday, March 05, 2009 new favorite

Please Please Please, if you have ever shopped online, go to my left side bar and click on (or click on that link right there). Right now they have a $5 sign up bonus! I did that on 1/31/09. Right now, I have $46 in my account!! Woo Hoo! And not because I've done a lot of shopping . I DID buy the $12.50 entertainment book Carrie at MSM told me about (and got $10 back in my account). I also did the $30 WT Direct sign up deal, which earned me $30! I feel bad because I didn't have time those days to post about it (which is why I have her link on my right side bar, so you can check out all her deals every day), so I'm sure few of you took advantage of these expired deals. But, please check her site daily. She is very good with giving you step-by-step directions so that you can get the easiest money! Here is a recap of what I've earned from checking her site daily:
$500 gift card (woo hoo!)
$40 on
$35 in gift cards thanks to Swagbucks (halfway to my next $5 one)
$125 from for opening up Micah, Cara and Eric's accounts
FREE gifts (or under $5) for doing a few Brylane Home deals that she blogged about, plus 2 $10 check--rebates from doing those deals
LOTS of free coupons from signing up for Buyer's Edge on some of those deals and
2 $25 gift cards to wal-mart from signing up for Buyer's Edge
6 free valentine's that the grandparents just LOVED!
NUMEROUS free coupons from various sites.

I also wanted to throw a little bloggy love to Bargain Banana, who I don't look at as often as I should. She introduced me (and Eric) to and we have earned $17.17. Free money for clicking on a couple of buttons. See my Youdata widget at the bottom of my blog!


Jessica said...

Thanks for the bloggy love! I love YouData!

Joseph said...

which link did you use to sign up for the $25 walmart buyer's edge, i can't find it thanks

Misty said...

Joseph--I got one each time I was signing up for offers for the $500 gift cards...they were like bonus offers for finishing the surveys, etc. You'd probably have to go through an entire gift card survey to get a link. Sorry I can't be more help!

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