Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I took this over a week ago, and have continue to get more in, including my check for $3.78 for my windex rebate :). It's not much, but it made that windex I bought (for cheaper because of Coupons) FREE. It includes:
My free Food & Family subscription (have had this for years)
My free Kiwi subscription, LOVE this magazine.
Free Juicy Fruit gum thanks to
Free selsun blue sample and coupon (my kids get cradle cap...ugh)
Free Fall Favorites cookbook
Free metamucil samples and coupons (we'll see)
my 2nd Free $25 giftcard to Wal-mart for signing up for Buyer's Edge
Free Mr. Clean small sample eraser
Free makeup sample and coupon
And just yesterday I received my Frito Lay coupons for the rebate I submitted. They are awesome coupons!! Eric is very pumped :).
Oh yeah, and I received my Entertainment book that netted cost me $5 including shipping (because of a $10 cash back at Woo Hoo!

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