Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Freezer Idea

I'm about to go post crazy. Both kids are in bed, and I'm putting off cleaning house....again. Ok, I really should go do that, but I did so much laundry yesterday, well, enough to feel like the dishwasher can wait to be unloaded until later today :)

Ok, so I found an easy recipe on Jane4girls, and thought I'd give it a try. It was the day after we got back from Corpus, and neither of us felt like cooking, so we decided we'd do breakfast for dinner. Which I LOVE and Eric DOES NOT, but he dealt. First time in probably 2 years, I think that's ok. Ok, so I made this easy dough. Well, I take that back, I tried to make it, I don't think it came out very well. I used half white half wheat flour....I'm not sure it worked how it is supposed to :). But they tasted decent. Ok, so I rolled the dough out here.

Then we had scrambled some eggs and cooked some bacon. I shredded some cheese and mixed it all together here.

I used some old biscuit cutters my grandad gave me. In hindsight, next time I will just cut big square and fold them over, they held very little stuffing and were a pain to 'fork' closed! :)

I laid another one over it, and 'forked' it all the way around. I bake almost everything on my two stones. One is a cookie rectangle stone, and one is a round pizza stone, but they all work the same.
Final product. We split one and tried it, and I put the rest in the freezer in a freezer bag. Cara and I have been eating them on and off for quick breakfasts.


Melissa said...

How long did it take you to make these? I was going to make them when I was off for Spring break, but didn't get a chance. I bought all of the stuff to do it, though, so I was thinking about trying it tomorrow..

Misty said...

Not that long, but hubby was already scrambling eggs and doing turkey bacon anyway. I just made the dough and grated some cheese.

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