Monday, March 09, 2009

How I saved money, and How I absolutely DID NOT save money this week!

First, for the funny story of how I didn't save money. Eric was home sick on Wednesday, and we were going to the galleria area to have lunch with his mom. We were on I-10 and all of a sudden, we saw everyone slamming on their brakes. So, for those who live in Houston, you know you do WHATEVER you can to not get stuck in a wreck on I-10. So, we were in the far left lane, and there were 4 of us in the car, so I said, GO TO THE HOV LANE! Eric listened, as he almost always does, and we were on our way passed the wreck. Although, it wasn't a wreck at all. It was a policeman with a radar gun. Who was now flagging us down. Did you know there was something called "Unsafe lane change" and it costs $180 for a ticket? That is how I did NOT save money this week.

Onto how I saved money this week. I spent a few minutes gathering my coupons today for my Kroger trip. I wasn't planning on buying much, as I already have my very few meals planned this week (Thursday rodeo, Friday 10 year high school reunion!). But, there's this great 'deal' about buy 10 items, get $5 off your order instantly. So I was ready to stock up! I had lots of coupons, and was walking around getting my 10 things (after getting my essentials for the week: milk and produce and free toilet paper) and Kroger was out of a few things. Frozen pre-made meatballs being one of them. Have I mentioned I haven't purchased pre-made frozen meatballs is oh, 4 years? Why was I looking for those? Oh yeah, one of the 10. I was looking at my total I calculate as I go, and it was over $40 (and I don't have but $125 left for the month!). AND it was on stuff like frozen pizzas (10 things deal), that I have everything at home to make from scratch, and Gordon's seafood (which I bought a couple on a better deal a few weeks ago, and still have plenty in my freezer) and pizza rolls, which have 2.5 grams of trans fat in 6 rolls!! Ok, Misty, DUH, you don't need any of this JUNK. So I put it all back. I did go by the clearance section that usually has NOTHING in it, and got some great deals. On all those canned items, they were way dented, so on manager's special for like $.29 a piece. The refried beans were $.49 each. I had a coupon for $.50 on 2 cans (which doubles to a total off of $1), so I got those free. Also got the charmin with $.50 off one (doubled to $1), so they were $.19 each. I used my free Kashi frozen item, FREE. Notice a lot of what I buy has 'manager's special' on it. The salad, normally $3.69 was on sale for $1.89. Hummus, usually $3.99, on sale for $1.99. Total spent OOP was $20.08. It would have been less without the impulse buys of Cadbury Cream Egg ($.50--my weakness this time of year) and $1.39 coke! Oh well, I always have next week to try to resist the temptation! :)


Jen Barnes said...

so does kroger double the coupons? There are none in Austin so it doesn't matter but I'm just curious.

Misty said...

Kroger triples coupons up to and including $.39 and doubles coupons up to and including $.50, everyday! :)

If I didn't have a Kroger, Randall's I think does the same thing (or tom thumb). But I'd probably shop at HEB (which I do), they have more of a selection, and you can use their yellow store coupons WITH manufacturer's coupons

Melissa said...

Hey - do you want to do the freezer swap still? If so, e-mail me at and I'll send you the details. You have to sign up by 3/15 for the April swap.

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