Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sick baby girl :(

Well, we left D'ville early yesterday because Cara was getting progressively worse. She woke up hacking up a lung around 1 am Saturday morning, and her eye was all gunky with stuff. I was freaking out a little bit, so we actually let her sleep with us (at our friends house). Part of the night in the pack n play in our room, and then she kept coughing, so we propped her up in between us in the bed for the rest of the night. This marks the first time she has EVER slept in the bed with us. I know, we're mean mommy and daddy, but we like our sleep, and we can't sleep when she's with us in bed (this doesn't mean she hasn't snuggled with us before) :). Anyways, we came home early to take her to Katy Urgent Care. She had 102.9 fever, a slight ear infection, and pink eye!! She has been miserable! Today was a little better, now that she had all her medicine in her, she seemed to feel better, but she still layed around all day, and was asking to go to bed at 5:15!! She really DOES NOT like her eye drops. I don't even know how much is really going in there. And I really don't know how I'll get them in tomorrow without Eric's help. Ok, enough for now, we have lots to do tonight. Don't forget to go check out my posts at happy to be at home . net ! :)

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