Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Micah is 5 months old!

Today, Micah turns 5 months old! I cannot believe how much faster it seems to be going with him vs. Cara. I miss my little tiny baby already. He was 16 pounds 12 ounces last Friday at the doctor. He's been in 6-9 month clothes since he was 4 months. He's a rolling machine, and is for the most part a very happy healthy baby. Above is a picture from today, in his 6-9 month BU onsie. I also put a picture of Cara in it, at 8 months at TMEA (below). Stellan is just a few short days younger than my little man. I am so thankful for Micah's health these past few days!! I can't imagine the pain that family must be going through.

Here is a picture of Cara on 11/18/2006--2 days before she turned 5 months. She was so much more chunkier than Micah!! He's super long, she was super chunk! :)

And here's her sweet 5 month face. I think they look alike, but not as much as my friend Aimee's kids!!

Please pray this with me over the MckClan : Psalm 29:11 "The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace."


Valerie Cesari said...

WOW! One your little man is SO adorable - look at that smile! Two I can't believe how much he looks like Eric and three and I can't believe how much micah and cara look alike as babies! Haha Cara was a chunk! - an adorable chunk though!

How is Cara by the way?

Kendra said...

He is so cute!! I can't believe how big he has gotten.

Aims said...

Cara reminds me so much of Claire in that picture of her with Eric!!

Micah is such a cutie. He has the best smile ever!

Amber said...

I think he looks TONS like Cara!!

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