Monday, October 13, 2008

2 cm!

Well, I guess those contractions have been doing their job. Today I am 37 weeks, 1 day pregnant, and had my dr. appointment. My blood pressure was 124/74, Micah's heartbeat was 145, I gained no pounds from last week, so still up 13 pounds. I'm measuring at 38 weeks. I have had a feeling since last weeks appointment that this baby will be born before it's due date. We've been doing LOTS of things. We finished painting the bricks in our living room yesterday. We got the car seat situation figured out, van cleaned out, and have 2 car seats in the car now. I've washed everything under the sun that could possibly touch the babies skin, i.e. swing, bouncy seat, clothes, sheets, blankets, towels, etc. I froze 10 meals. I plucked my eyebrows (believe me, this is more for y'alls benefit (or anyone that sees me) than Micahs) :). I've been cleaning house again now that our furniture is back where it normally goes. The dogs are getting groomed tomorrow, I finally picked up my inhaler prescription after the pharmacy had it for 2 weeks (for labor, my asthma is in control, haven't needed it in a year, but I remember needing it during labor, so wanted it just in case!). Oh, but I still have a hundred things on my list. So if anyone wants to come over and help me, just CALL :).

Oh, so anyways, I told my doctor that I hoped I was like a 3 (dialated) today, but I wasn't getting my hopes up because I was probably still a 0 (because I never really dilated with Cara before I was induced). He was checking me, telling the nurse what I had told him, and he said, well, you're definitely not a 0, you're a 2, baby's head is down and dropped, blah blah. So when he was done (did I mention it hurt more than I remember) he said have you heard of stripping your membranes, and I said of course, friends had had it done, blah blah, and he said "because I just did that." Like it was nothing. Like I shouldn't have been asked before he did it. Like, maybe I want the baby to cook a little longer (or have too long of a to do list to help things along just yet). Like, I'M ONLY 37 WEEKS! Anyways, so that kinda perturbed me, but at least there were no drugs involved. Granted, I've only been seeing this doctor for 5 weeks, so we've discussed my birth plan, but I need to type it up and get it in his chart so he knows to not do anything else to me without my consent PRONTO!!

Anyways, that's my rant and rave :). I do hope the baby comes soon, but I also want to nap instead of get a hundred things done, so we'll see which I choose!!

PS, did I mention our hot water heater went out this weekend? So after Eric and his dad installed it yesterday, we still had minimal hot water last night. I got to shower/shave one leg :) but Eric ended up with a cold shower :(. However, today all seems to be working fine, Thank you Jesus!!

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