Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just a quick note. First, I am by no means saying what I chose (or am still deciding) for my family is right! Second, I am still deciding some things, which is why I post here, to get comments and suggestions (from friends I trust, not the crazies out there). And, again, I admit that I am crazy :).

Oh, and there's a blog that I follow, just started recently, that I found out she does not circumcise her sons. Also, she speaks about it MUCH more eloquently than I do. Here's a link to her discussing this a few months ago. Start at the bottom post and read up. I mostly agree with what she says. And I also agree that to circumcise or not circumcise is by no means a moral issue or our faith does or does not depend on it (like I said earlier). It's just something that I've been moved to research a little further. Again, thanks for listening!

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