Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just a quick update

We're home and doing well. I feel fabulous, it's amazing the difference in the 2 recoveries! Cara's at preschool today so it's just Eric, Micah and I. Eric's taking off Monday - Thursday this week and next and mom's coming up Thursday night through Sunday for the next 2 weeks. Cara is doing really well. She LOVES the baby and loves to 'hold' him. She also loves the ball toy we got her from Micah and goes and plays with it in her room a lot. She's been sleeping straight through even when he fusses, so in our tight little house, that is a blessing. He's been doing really well during the day, but wanting to nurse and fuss every 2 hours at night. We're adjusting well though. Gotta run, and enjoy the 1 kid day :). New pics on Flickr coming soon.

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