Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Topic.....movies that make you cry!

I know, we're all tired of discussing little boys private parts, so onto something new. So, I saw P S I love you last christmas season with Eric. Yes, he's a good hubby and let me drag him to that while my parents and sister/bro in law were seeing I Am Legend and National Treasure 2 :). I put it in our netflix list because I wanted to see it again. It came in the other day, and Eric refused to watch it again with me (I can't say I blame him). So today, I wasn't that tired when Cara laid down for her nap, AND the past few days, I lay down and can never get to sleep anyways (days, nights, whatever) so I decided to pop it in. Oh my goodness!! I didn't remember how much I cried last time. OR, I cried way more this time (um....hormones Misty)!! But it was a different cry this time. Last time I was thinking about Miranda, my best friend that died almost 9 years ago, and Michael, my cousin who died 3 years ago, and how I feel sometimes like she did at the end, that she doesn't feel him anymore. I used to dream about them a LOT, and for a long while, but it seems motherhood has made that die down (I sleep much more soundly when I'm not pregnant and don't dream much anymore), and I miss that. It helped me remember!

This time, I was crying because I'm big and pregnant and I don't just make out (and I do mean just make out) with my hubby like we used to :). Sorry if that's too much info. I can't wait for this baby to be born in so many ways. One, to have him here. Two, to be able to hug and kiss Eric without this big bump in the way (or, at least the bump without a person in there!). Three, to be able to sleep on my stomach, oh how I miss that. I miss just cuddling with Eric. We still do that, but it's just not the same when you're uncomfortable if you're not 'just so'. Anyways, now the next few movies on our queue are Eric's because I don't want to cry anymore for awhile!! :) It hurts!

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