Thursday, October 16, 2008

today's the day?

I've been up for 2 hours and they are 3-5 minutes apart. I lost my mucus plug and feel like my water is going to break any time now (compared to how it felt when that happened with Cara). My mom (poor lady) is on her way up here to watch Cara. If they don't get stronger, then we're going to go into my doctor's office right at 8 when they open to see if they can check me to see how far along I am and if I'm leaking fluid. That's what woke me up, a contraction, and the feeling I was leaking. If I stay up, walking around, they are continuously every 3 minutes, if I lay down they slow down, so I'm up walking. They're not going away this time. We'll post more as we know it.

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