Friday, October 31, 2008

Pre-Pregnancy Weight!

Just a quick post, I've had this rash under my arm since about a week before I had the baby (I know, not attractive). My OB gave me a powder, but it hasn't helped, so I ventured out today to my PCP for a visit. Eric was at work, I just fed Micah, and mom stayed home with both babies. Anyways, I was freezing in the waiting room, hoping to hurry up and get called back so that I can get back home (I drove myself), and they finally called me back. Then the best thing in the world happened, I got on the scale. I know, not something you usually enjoy doing, especially 6 days after giving birth. However, when she said the number, and it was 3 pounds LESS than my pre-pregnancy weight, I did a happy dance in my head! ;)


Jen Barnes said...

You go girl! That must have felt AWESOME! And only in 6 days, too! Wow!

Did they give you anything for that rash? Hope it goes away.

Kendra said...

I know how you felt!!! Way to go!!! That means you had a very healthy pregnancy.

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