Friday, October 17, 2008

Just a quick update

Well, after I kept praying all night Wednesday night and Thursday for God to help bring Micah soon, I realized, I was praying my will, not His!! So last night, at 9pm (early for me) I got down on my knees and confessed being selfish and wanting Micah to come on my time and not his own (and the Lords!). I prayed for a good nights sleep, to know exactly when I'm in labor, and to be able to enjoy my last days as a mommy to just Cara. I had the best nights sleep I've had in months. I slept from 9 pm - 8 am (thanks to Cara sleeping a little later than normal) and I only woke up 3 times to pee. That's a record for me when it comes to the end of pregnancy. That, and I was able to go right back to sleep which isn't normally the case. So Cara and I spent a fun morning at home. I got lots of laundry done/kitchen cleaning, and we sat down to watch Cars, and played in her room a LOT. She LOVES to read books, so we read a ton, and we played with her little people house, her babies, her strollers, everything. She just laid down for her nap. I need to make some brownies for tonight (our ABF is having a game night) and shower, and then I may just lay down for a nap too, we shall see. Eric should hopefully be home around 4 today, and then I have him the whole weekend. Praise God that He is faithful and knows the plans he has for us!

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