Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just a quick update so I can stop getting texts....

We are going to be SOOOO over our 200 texts this month!! haha. I've been feeling good, just a little uncomfortable. After that great night's sleep Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights just weren't that lucky. Friday, I did it to myself. We went to our ABF's game night and had a blast. Although, there was lots of good food too, so I grazed all night and ate WAY too much. I was up a LOT that night with indigestion, etc. Yesterday was fun, my mom came up and we went shopping and got some big sister/little brother shirts for Cara and Micah. I also got her a little white leotard to go under her poodle skirt for the fall fest at our church. We tried it on her to make sure it fit, and she just sat and twirled around in her skirt, she loved it :). It's the first time she's actually shown interest in it, so that made me happy! Also, Eric's parents bought us a ceiling fan for Micah's room and came over and helped Eric install it. When they got here, mom and I went to lunch, to pick something up, and then went by St. Peter's craft fair. They had TONS of cute stuff. Mom headed back to Santa Fe, and Eric's parents hung around all afternoon (most of it dealing with the old house/ceiling and figuring out how to make the fan more sturdy). They took us to Luby's for dinner, which was yummy, and then we came home for a nice quiet evening. Even after all that (and no nap for me), I still couldn't sleep last night. I tried, I went to bed earlier than Eric, but after a good hour, I was up going to the bathroom, and just being uncomfortable most of the night. I did have another good hour and a half of sleep from about 5:30-7, when my alarm went off for church. We debated not going, but it may be our last time for awhile, so I wanted to go. It was of course a good service, and our friend Bryan taught our ABF. We headed to Fuddruckers for lunch, and now we are home, Cara's sleeping and we're watching football. I will probably doze off on the couch later ;). Just wanted to update everyone. I'm still having contractions, but they are back to how they were before the doctor checked me last Monday. Hopefully, when he checks me this Tuesday, they won't start up again, unless they're the real thing and want to stick around! Thanks for all the prayers and well-wishes :).

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