Friday, February 27, 2009

Off to Dallas

Just wanted to let everyone know we are up in Duncanville visiting our friends Justin, Ashley, Nathan, Shannon and Garrett! I probably won't blog much while here, because I need to menu plan the next weeks meal. Why you ask? Why don't you enjoy your vacation? Because, I'm going to be a guest blogger on Happy To Be at Home's 3 mom Kitchen posts! I saw on twitter about a month ago that they were looking for volunteers, and I was like, SURE. Why not? I enjoy cooking, and I enjoy taking pictures, sounds easy enough. That was, until I sat down (in the van on the way up here) to right the introduction post. I figured out (as you all know) that I write WAY too much. :) So, here's the link to the blog I will be posting on DAILY next week!

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Crissy and Kevin said...

i really should read your blog more frequently, we would have loved to see you, we literally live 5 mins from n&s- maybe next time- we don't make it down to h-town much since my parents moved here.... but we'll try soon! I hope cara feel better soon!

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