Thursday, January 08, 2009

2009 - already day 8??

So, I haven't posted much lately. I've been busy. I'm one of those people who doesn't tell anyone else their goals, just in case I fail. Well, I figure, I need to put them out there, so it'll help keep me accountable. So, here are some goals for my 2009:

1. Read through the bible. I didn't actually start until today, but I'm almost caught up. It's amazing what you get done when nursing your son on the couch when you don't turn the tv on for 10 minutes, and instead spend time in God's word. I'm also starting Beth Moore's new Esther bible study next Thursday at church.

2. Lose 48 pounds. Random number, I know, but how I see it is that it's average/healthy to lose 1 pound a week. I'm aiming for 4 a month, just so I give myself a little room for wiggle. Plus, if when I hit my goal, I will be exactly where I need to be healthwise, and hopefully it'll lower my cholesterol to boot! I want to do it slowly, because I'm nursing, and because I want to do it by becoming more healthy. I'm not into the depriving business. It hasn't worked for me in the past. So, I'm cooking 13 out of 14 days, trying new, healthy recipes (more on that to come), making more from scratch. I'm drinking even more water (those that know me say "HOW?!?!", but it is happening), and focusing on changing my mindset. I heard this on KSBJ today, not focusing/saying "I'm so hungry!!" but saying "Wow, this is my body adjusting to less food, I'm losing weight!" I have a great group of girlfriends that are doing this with me. We are weighing in together weekly at my house and sharing what worked and what didn't.

I also found (thanks val) this AMAZING website: You can put in what you weigh now, what you want to weigh, and a goal date and it'll tell you how many calories per day you should eat, and how many activity calories you should burn. I just keep it up on my screen, and whenever I eat something, I log it in my food log. I input my recipes, and it calculates the nutrition facts for homemade items! It also has an activity log, and carrying an infant is included!! :)

3. Focus on saving money/spending less. I gave up on couponing a few 8 months ago, because by cooking a lot of things from scratch, and buying a LOT of produce, I felt like it was wasting time. A lot of the stuff grocery coupons save you money on are cream soups, and sugary cereals, etc that we don't eat anyways. But I've found quite a few blogs of money saving mommies that are also health conscience, so I'm putting a few things into practice that they are gracious enough to share. I'm also only shopping every 2 weeks. I make a 14 day meal plan, thus less trips to the store, thus less money spent (hopefully!). It's worked wonders this week. I always know what's for dinner the next night, and thaw accordingly. I also saved over $48 on my grocery bill!! I foresee having to restock fruits/veggies possibly more than every 2 weeks, but will hopefully be minimal (and even more hopefully...done by Eric on his way home) :).

We were doing great with our Total Money Makeover: budgeting everything, using the envelope system, which we still do. It just seems we've been off our game lately, and going over a few months in a row (thus lowering our emergency fund). I know we've been spending more freely on things we want vs. need, and that has hurt us too.

4. Recyle more. We've been recycling paper, plastic and metals for about 4 months now (paper longer). Whenever I'm making recipes that have a glass jar in it, I know I need to recycle it, but don't know where I can. Eric is also bad about throwing away cans, so I need to get on him more ;). I really want to start a compost (had one a short while last year) and a garden this spring (this was a goal last year, it just didn't happen!).

5. Re-get to know my husband. With 2 kids (although they are both on great schedules!), it's hard to spend lots of time together alone! We try in the evenings, but some days it just doesn't happen, or we get busy doing individual things. I really want to focus on being his "helpmate" (Gen 2:18) and really just loving on him. One way I do this is by cooking. I remember in pre-marital counseling he said one thing he would really would like was coming home to a prepared meal. I was like "UGH, I don't/hate to cook!!" But ever since Cara was born, I have really changed. I enjoy cooking, trying new recipes, providing healthy meals for my family.

6. Focus on teaching my little ones. I want to focus more of our day on learning and bible devotions. I feel like some days I just survive. I know that there will always be those days, but I really want to focus and put forth more effort into teaching them different things, not just letting them 'play' all day (ok, by them, I mostly mean Cara). My focus (and Eric's too lately, he's SUCH a good Daddy) for Cara over the next few months is phonics. She's known all her letters and numbers for almost a year, and I really want to get to the next level. Micah, I want to implement (at 6 months, as I did with Cara) baby signing. It was SUCH an awesome thing Cara picked up on, and allowed her to communicate from 10-20 months before there was much speaking. I knew exactly what she wanted. We are also trying to be more consistent with our family devos (devotions). I think Cara is finally at an age where she can really take things away from fun teachings. She is OBSESSED with singing, and can learn anything when we put it to song.

7. Keep a cleaner house. My house is clutter free a LOT of the time, but I need to do more cleaning! I found and now have a daily checklist, and man is that motivating. I HATE when I miss something. And I've noticed a big difference! Plus, it makes time for scrapbooking/hobbies. Yea!

Ok, that's enough for now, I found a new blog I want to read through, and Eric wants the computer too :)


Clint and Meredith said...

Misty - these are all great goals! There are many things that I am trying to achieve myself this year. Continue to share tips that you are finding on your journey - you always seem to be a wealth of information and it is helpful for us readers!

Beaver said...

Thanks for the tip on Motivated Moms. What a good idea. I wish someone would plan out all my lesson plans for the year, too. :)

K said...

WOW! How awesome! I just printed out the Motivated Moms thing last week! I'm still behind, but it's really starting to show when I 'do my homework' and check off those boxes! I really like it! I really just floated through my first year with two kids(it's soooo much different than one!)....but not in a the best way. We're finally moving toward many of the things you've just mentioned....including Ramsey and envelopes, family devos, and only eating out once a week/better food choices. :)

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