Monday, January 12, 2009

Frugal Misty!

Ok, I've totally become obsessed with finding deals/coupon bargaining. I never knew so much was out there in the blogosphere! Here are some blogs/sites that I just love to check:

Bargain Banana and click here to see her awesome goal for Jan 2009

Mommy Snacks

Money Saving Mom

Money Saving Methods

The Coupon Game

In Good Cents

To learn TONS about how to go "CVS'ing", please click here. This was what I wanted to 'try' first, so I went tonight. They were out of some of the monthly products that I have good coupons for, so I could have gotten a lot more (but I did get rain checks). But, I did want to give you an idea of what kind of deals you can get. And remember, I'm totally new at this (first time ever)!

This pictures includes the following: 2 Nasogel Drip Free nasal sprays, 2 bags of M&Ms (for Eric--not me, I'm trying to lose weight!), 2 tubes of Colgate Total Advance Whitening, 1 pack of Kotex large pads with wings, 1 pack of kotex pantiliners, 2 packs of fiber one cereal bars, 2 boxes of band aids and some SPF 30 sunblock. I got all of this for $10.80 AND I have $4 left in ECB, and another $3 off CVS brand items. So technically I only paid $6.80. That's less than what the Fiber One bars cost! Here's how I did it:
Transaction 1
Nasal Spray: $7.99 - $2 coupon, $7.99 ECB rewarded
BandAids and sunscreen: were on a 75% off clearance shelf. We are TOTALLY out of bandaids! So they marked down to under $3 for all three of them, and then I used a $3 off CVS brands coupon you can see how to print here.
Total paid: $6.05 OOP, ECB earned $7.99
Transaction 2
Nasal Spray: $7.99 - $2 coupon above, $7.99 ECB rewarded
Colgate $7.99 - $1.50 IPQ, search for it, 2 ECB rewarded
Total paid: used $7.99 ECB from #1 and paid $4.49 OOP
Transaction 3
Kotex: $4.99 - $1 coupon in 1/11 paper, $2, ECB awarded
Fiber One Bars: $6.99 - $1 IPQ (internet printable coupon, check those sites above you'll find it), $3 ECB awarded
Total Paid: $7.99 ECB from transaction #2 plus $.27 OOP
Transaction 4
M&M: 2 for $5, $2 ECB rewarded
Total Paid: $0 OOP, $2 ECB from #2 adn $3 ECB from #3.
FUN :)

Some more freebies I found:
Go Here to find out how to get a free photo book, who doesn't love those??
Go here on the 14th to get a free bottle of suave!

There are tons more, just go to all those blogs above.


LV said...

Hey did you end up ordering a free photo book? I'm in the process of finishing mine up. I have to say that this book better be free because it wasn't as fast of a process as I was hoping for. It took forever to load my photos. Did you have the same problems?

Misty said...

I ended up not doing it!! I meant to sunday afternoon, but ended up doing other stuff :( I'm sorry it was a pain, but at least it's free! :)

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