Sunday, January 04, 2009

Jesus is in the closet!

Ok, Cara was just too cute tonight, and as the below was happening, I told Eric, "This is totally going to go on the blog." Is that sad???!?!!

We were reading in Matthew about the Lord's prayer (from her new princess devotional bible, thanks Aunt Bailey!), and how we should pray like Jesus. The devotional also discussed how Jesus' kingdom is in heaven, and in people's hearts. We went over this a LOT, and we had her repeat after us a few verses. Ok, so then, this is the conversation that happened:

E: Where is Jesus' kingdom, Cara?
C: In the closet (hushed chuckles from E and me)
M: No baby, remember what we talked about? Jesus' kingdom is in heaven
C: heaven
M: and people's hearts
C: people's hearts
E: so where is Jesus' kingdom Cara?
C: Jesus is in the closet!

At this point Eric asked me if I put her little people castle she got as gift from Eric's aunt/uncle for Christmas in her closet (sometimes if she plays with things OVER and OVER and they are loud and obnoxious, I put them in the closet--that she can't open--while he's bathing her, and she forgets about them for a week or so until she sees them again, in which I always give them back). I said no, why? He said, well, she thinks the king and queen are Mary and Joseph, so maybe she thinks baby Jesus is in the closet with them!! hahahahaha. I couldn't stop laughing at this point, so the devotion kinda came to a halt. But A+ for trying!

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