Monday, January 19, 2009

If you live in Katy, go to Lifeway and Target!

I went to Lifeway today to pick up our book for our small group's bible study this semester. I was told the book was $21.95 or something. But, as part of my newfound frugality (ok, those that know me know that I've always been cheap!), I went straight to the clearance section. They had NICE christmas cards, 18 in a pack with lined envelopes and sweet sayings and appropriate bible verses! They were 90% off = 18 cards for 99 cents! I got 6 boxes, and now all I have to do for next year is stick our picture in there! They also had gift boxes for christmas snickerdoodle cookies (among others) for $.79. So I got a few of those, and then I went to the front to get my book. When I got up there, they said, "you got some great deals, and now, your book is 50% off!" So I spent $25 for about 10 things AND my book, all for what I thought I'd pay for my book. WOO HOO.

Also, I've read on others blogs that Target has put out all the extra toys that they ordered for Christmas and didn't sell for 75% off clearance. So today, while Eric was mowing the yard (yea!), the kids and I went to Target. I went straight to the clearance section, but it was only marked 30% off. But I started looking through the toys, and some were marked down 75% (not all). I asked a guy working there, and he said that some were 75%, and some were 30%. Since I had made my list of gifts I need for the whole year, thanks to this post by MoneySavingMethods, I knew who I needed to buy for, and who was coming up soon. I also checked the clearance section for the baby clothes and got Cara some pants for next year and Micah 3 sets of 3 piece jammies and a cute onsie in sizes 12, 18 and 24 months. So I got $179.86 worth of merchandise for $53.36---a total savings of 70%! Eric says, why'd you spend $53? And some people are right there with him, I'm actually SPENDING money, not saving it. But I just don't see it that way. I'd have to buy these birthday/christmas gifts anyways. And I can get them for 70% off now, verses pay 100% later. I actually got 2 birthday presents for family/friend's kids in February that I had budgeted $50 for. Now, I don't have that $50 in the budget for February anymore, I can put that straight to savings. AND, I got a whole bunch of other gifts/clothes, for only $3 more than my feb gift budget!

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Melissa said...

I was wondering if they were ever going to mark down the toys there! I browsed by the clearance section when I was there on Monday and saw the "30% off signs" and kept walking wondering if they would EVER go lower :) It's probably a good thing I missed it since our garage is full of stuff from the Amazon sale at Christmas and I think my husband would kill me if I brought home anymore toys!

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