Friday, January 23, 2009

Free money!

I thought that might get your attention. I've learned online from Bargain Banana about a service called YouData. You can see the login at the very bottom of my blog page. It is an ad site that lets you get to pick and choose what ads YOU want to see, and pay attention to, and they pay YOU for it! You make a 'MeFile' and then every day or so, you can sign in at the bottom of my blogs, and see what ads they have compiled based on the information you gave in your me-file. You only have to give them as much information as you are comfortable with but obviously, the more you give them, the more ads you get to make money off of. It's a VERY quick and easy sign up, and if you have a blog, you can also put the YouData login on it, and if someone signs in to check their daily ads on your site, you get a small commission. They pay you (via paypal) every Friday, and I've already made over $5 (in just a couple of days). Some of their target audiences are females, and texans, so if you are one of my in-real-life friends---there are lots of ads for you. Eric also signed up, and since he's male, he has had less ad offers, but he's over $3 now! Hey, it's $8 we didn't have before we signed up and spent a couple minutes there.


Jessica said...

Thanks for linking to my site. I love YouData!

Misty said...

me too! In a few days, combined my hubby and I have $9.

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