Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hi guys!

Just wanted to remind everyone that if you haven't already signed up for swagbucks, please go do it. Use it every time you'd normally use google, and win swagbucks. Just wanted to clarify, you won't win with every search, but they definitely add up. AND, please, if you have a blog, or lots of contacts via email, invite them using your own referral code. I have about 12 friends signed up from mine, and I've already been able to cash in 2 $5 e-gift cards. I'm saving up for a bread machine, YUMMMM! Each swagbuck your friends/referrals earn, you earn too (for their first 100).

If you think, that Misty, she has too many ideas, where do I even start??? My first 2 things I'd do are Swagbucks and YouData. They are super easy ways to get free money, and who couldn't use that?

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