Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A little love to my followers/readers!

Hello all -- I just wanted to say thanks for all my friends who enjoy reading my blog...and have signed up for swagbucks! You have made a huge difference, and I can see your SB adding up! And for those who read my blog who I didn't even know did (T. Dornak!!!) send me your email address!!! I lost it after I left ConocoPhillips and I'd love to get in touch :) Don't forget to go use it. I see lots of people who have signed up and then haven't searched. It really works, I'm halfway through to my 3rd $5 amazon.com gift card!

1 comment:

teresa said...

haha! I thought you remembered giving me your blog address a zillion times cause I kept losing it! funny, funny! My email is:
Keep in touch! oh, and beautiful, beautiful kiddos!!!!

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