Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Oh my gosh, I just have to post on the cute things Cara has been doing lately. First off, she copies EVERYthing we say. So she now calls our dogs either Gweny Boo, Gweny girl, Riley Boo, Riley Roo, Riley Boy; Micah is Micah Man, little brother, and her new one: Micah Boo. She is a great eater, and, like her mommy, has discovered she loves to dip carrots and crackers in hummus, i.e. "Brown Dip." She also has a new love of peanuts, and was heard last night saying, "Puppies, don't eat my NUTS!!" as she had left her little cup on the floor and they got them.

Her other new favorite things are Fancy Nancy books and the Little Mermaid movie. Here's a picture of Justin and Ashley reading her Fancy Nancy when they were here a couple weeks ago. I didn't realize how good she is at memorizing things she hears now. One day, I was sitting in the floor of our living room, folding clothes and we were watching the part of the movie when she's singing about wanting to live "up where they walk, up where they run, up where they stay all day in the suuuuun...." and I was singing along. I look up and Cara starts singing along. She knows almost all the words, and we've only watched the movie like maybe 10-20 times since Christmas (bits and pieces at a time). And now sometimes when we're playing or in the car she says, "Mommy, sing the little mermaid with me," and she starts the ah, ah ah, ah ah ah (you know, where she sings so Urcella can take her voice). It is SOOOO stinkin' cute. Here's a picture of her watching it last night, right before bed. She sees Gweny get up on the top cushion of our couch, so now she gets there when she's tired!
Micah is getting so big. Here is a picture of Daddy giving him his 1st bottle. He's only ever had 3 before this. 2 from me and 1 from my mom! He's taking it like a champ, and LOVING being able to look around, although once I got home, he watched me move around to try to take a good picture.

Here's an off-centered picture of us on 2/11, which was the valentine's day party for playground at our house.

And here is us last year on 2/14. I was pregnant with Micah, but didn't know it for another week!

I have lots of new pictures that I'm posting on flickr, be sure to see them if you haven't already. Oh, here's one more of Micah. First time in the exersaucer. He's too little, he didn't really enjoy it, but he's too cute not to post (Thanks Jenn L for the outfit...still found a couple I got to send back to you!).

And one more holding his little head up so well! :) Ok, I'm done....promise! Look for a post coming soon about more FREE MONEY!


Tiffany said...

Hey lady! Sorry I was rude earlier, I was in some kind of pregnancy/toddler enduced daze and couldn't completely wrap my head around what you were saying! No excuse though!! What I should have said, was that I found your blog earlier this week and started following it. I love reading all the blogs I can (especially when I cannot focus at work) and you have such great tips!

The kids are adorable! Seeing all the precious pics of Micah just make me even more antsy for my lil one to be here!

Misty said...

You weren't rude earlier!! I know how it goes :) I'm glad I found yours too! :)

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