Sunday, February 15, 2009

God really does provide!

First, I have to say a big THANKS to my mom! She took Friday off, so the kids and I went down to Santa Fe on Thursday after naps and hung out until Saturday evening. Eric was out of town, so Mom and Darrell got to spend time with the kids, and I got a little bit of rest. We also went to this awesome store (similar to LifeWay) called Mardels, it is HUGE and awesome, and one is coming to Katy!

Anyways, I know God truly listens to our prayers. We've been trying to sell our massive 65 inch tv for about 18 months, but now that we have the builtins, it has been sitting in our garage for almost 2 months. We re-posted it on Craigslist after it didn't sell at the garage sale. We had NUMEROUS calls and emails about it, and finally a lady came by on Wednesday to pick it up. YEA! I'm so glad that is gone. Not only did it take up a lot of space, but it was the last big purchase remaining, the last one that reminded us how un-frugal, impulsive, and unGodly we were with our money decisions back a few years ago. Also, this is just little and silly, but I'm totally out of conditioner. I've been using the last little bit in my bottle before I went to SF, and my hair was just yucky and tangly. So I knew I had to buy some this week when I went to the store. What was in the mail when I got home yesterday? My Suave coupon for a free bottle!! Woo Hoo! :)

And I just have to mention I have some of the best friends in the world. They pray for me, encourage me, hold me accountable, and just listen to me. One friend in particular, Tracy B (one of those few friends I used to work with) had come over a month or so ago to go to lunch. She LOVES dogs, and I had told her how our dogs NEVER get treats. Like, we haven't bought any in about 3 years! She said one day she was going to bring my dogs some treats, and I just called her silly. Well, she called while I was out of town and said that she had dropped some off and left them on my front porch. I told her my dogs would be very happy when we got home on Saturday. So when I got home, I had a few things from the front porch that Eric had brought in (a couple Brylane Home boxes from those good deals I got) and a bag from Tracy filled with 2 bags of yummy dog treats (Tracy--Gweny and Riley Thank you!). As I inspected the bag further, I saw an envelope, which I assumed had a little note in it. So I opened it up, and it did have a note in it. A note about how she appreciates what I've given up for my kids, and how we are striving to provide a great home life and future for our family. And 3 opening day Astros tickets! Are you kidding me? I was Ecstatic (Cara's new word from her Fancy Nancy books)! I waited until the kids were in bed so I could call and truly thank her. And, since I know she reads my blog daily, I wanted to give her a little public props. Tracy--I'm so GLAD I got to know you when we worked together, and am so glad we've kept in touch. We don't have a whole lot in common, but you are so fun and sweet. Thank you again for thinking about us!

Just on another note. A lot of my friends ask how I find out about all these deals. Click here to go to Money Saving Mom's website. She matches up all the coupons for Walgreens and CVS! Love it!

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