Thursday, February 19, 2009

FREE Money, giveaways-CVS Deals & Walgreens deals

Oh, I have so much to post. I truly hope all my friends, family and readers take advantage of these, because I have, and I LOVE them! :)

First off, is free gift cards for new or transferred prescriptions. Click here to see all of the ones that were in the paper recently. I also scanned my CVS card (scan it EVERY time you go in the store at the price check kiosk) at a recent visit and a coupon printed out for a free $25 gift card for a new or transferred prescription.

Here is my CVS deal this week, I got this off
Buy 3 Suave Products at $2 each, Get $2 ECBs (Limit 5)
Buy 3 Body Washes at $2 each Use 3 $1/1 coupons here and here (there were also $0.75/1 coupons in the 1/11 RedPlum insert)$0.33 each after coupons and ECBs (Thanks, SwagGrabber!)

However, mine worked out EVEN more awesome. I had received my FREE Suave product coupon that I mentioned going to get in this post, and it was up to a $3 value. I also had a $2 off 3 Suave products coupon from the newspaper (not sure which one). I wasn't sure if this last coupon would work since I was getting one free, so I had a $1/1 coupon as backup. However, the first coupon took off $3 and the second took off $2, so I got three suave hair products for $1.07 OOP. I had planned on using $4 ECB, but didn't, and I got $2 ECB back! So they paid me $.93 to take them home net after ECBs. I also just got a new prescription for me after finally going to the doctor today. So I did it at CVS and got a free $25 gift card. I'm so excited, I hope to try to make it last a few months, using all my deals/coupons and ECBS!

I also got some awesome deals at walgreens, also found here and here at my favorite drug store blog.
I got the FREE Yes to Carrots lip balm. I also purchased the Thermacare (free after rebate), Zucal (Free plus $2 overage), Garnier conditioner (free plus $1 overage), and one thing of some 75% off valentines candy for my honey (ok, I had one!) for $.37. My total was $11.60. I paid with a $5.50 gift card from last months free item. Please read HERE about how to get your rebates on a Walgreens gift cards, to earn 10% more. So I spent $6.10 OOP, but next month I will receive back $15.91 on a gift card to do more deals. The first month or two, you spend a little OOP (out of pocket), but once you get a balance on a gift card, you shouldn't have to. So now, I have a Walgreens and CVS gift card, and I'm PUMPED!

For all my people trying to lose weight like me this year, click here to enter a giveaway for a Biggest Loser 2 workout DVD!!! Go soon, it may end shortly!

Also, visit this blog for a Temporal Scanner Giveaway. These are great, a couple of friends of mine swear by them.

I also had this awesome post about $25 free INSTANT for opening an ING Direct savings account, which I got for both Cara and Micah (you can open Joint accounts, to transfer money to their account--Parent/Child Joint), but my friend Carrie at took her post down, or I can't find it. So, I'll repost when I find it.

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