Saturday, February 07, 2009

Weekly/Monthly Earnings

  1. To date, I've received $20 in gift certificates from I'm saving up for a bread machine, and I'm about 20% there, all for searching the web, which I would have done anyways!
  2. $500 Lowes Gift Card - I had a productive "Guys Night." Eric is currently at guys night with our friends from NewGround, and I spent about 1.5 hours signing up for my next $500 gift card--this time to Lowes. We REALLY need to fix/redo our master bath, and how awesome if I can get it paid for for almost free! I would suggest ANY of my friends trying this. Click here to read all about the process from Carrie at Money Saving Methods. She is awesome and quick to respond to any questions you may have.
  3. I reviewed my delivery confirmation, and my last $500 gift card certificate (for a $500 visa gift card) was received on 1/26, so I should be getting it at the LATEST by 3/26, but most likely by 3/5!
  4. $25 Walmart gift card. In signing up for my last $500 gift card, one of the bonus offers that popped up was a free $25 walmart gift card for signing up for I got the info in the mail, mailed in for the gift card, and received it Tuesday, and spent it Friday ;) -- it helped buy M&Ms for scrabook night ;)
  5. Edited to add: $275 made at Garage sale on Saturday..and hopefully another $450 from the sale of our massive tv....we have a couple people interested, FINALLY! :)

I think that is about all this week, except for my awesome grocery trip. I got over $178 worth of groceries for $99. Woo Hoo. I took a picture, but haven't posted about it...and now it's a little too late :)


Valerie Cesari said...

Hey I needed to email you something but can't find your email. E-mail me when you have a chance.

The White Family said...

Wish I would have known you wanted a bread machine. We have one that we NEVER use. Of course, it's now in storage and won't be out for 3-4 years. So, if you can wait that long, you can have it!!

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