Thursday, February 05, 2009

Cute kid post, and no more SONIC

So many people say I don't post about the two cutest kids in the world enough (ok, so I'm a little biased), so I figured I'd post a couple recent pics. This was Cara kissing Micah, he looks a little scared in the picture, but he was smiling and cooing at her.

Micah is really holding his head up well. I weighed him (both of us, and then just me) last week, and he was around 14.5 pounds! He's almost too long for his 3-6 month clothes!! It's crazy how fast he's growing.
This is a picture of Cara and Eric playing in the front yard. He had been chasing her around playing with a ball, and then she wanted to sit down and rip leaves into little pieces :), so as any good Daddy would, he helped!
I was very excited today because Micah took a bottle. Read here about our last attempt (well, he had one on 12/12 when my mom watched him for our Christmas party, and it was pretty much a train wreck as well). Lately, he's been spitting up a LOT in the mornings, and I chalk it up to me being so full (since he goes for about 10-11 hours usually, like last night 7:30-5:45). So today after we got home from bible study, he was due to eat at 11:45, and held off until about 12:20. So I fed him about 7 minutes on one side, and we (he) burped. Then we (he) spit up a little. And I thought, ok, then I'm not going to feed him on the other side. I laid him down and went to pump, and originally I was just going to freeze it. However, he got a little fussy, so I thought, I'd just give him the bottle and see how he handles it. Instead of the evenflo angled bottle I tried the first time, I just stuck a medela nipple on the bottle I pumped (all of .75 ounces into, what's up with that?) into, and he took it like a champ! WOO HOO. I was getting worried because my mom is going to watch him on 3/21 when I have an adult only wedding at 3 reception. I'm assuming we won't be home until 10 or so and he'll need 2-3 bottles! And, I have tons of frozen breastmilk and I don't want it to go to waste! :)
On another note, Eric and I have really buckled down and are setting much stricter goals for our budgets. We lowered our blow money to $60/month ($30 each)--CASH, and I was going to be an awesome wife and use some of mine on Sonic drinks today. We had a bit of an obsession in the months after Micah was born, fueled by 3 $10 gift cards Eric got for Christmas from kiddos at school. I went after bible study, ordered a small lemonade (for C), a medium vanilla coke, easy ice for me, and a medium watermelon vanilla coke for E. It was $4.58 (it was my fault for not going during happy hour). And then, on top of that, they got our order wrong! She handed me a coke and said "regular coke, easy ice" I said, it's supposed to be vanilla coke, she said, oh yeah, it is. Then she handed me a vanilla coke, and says she put a cherry in it, is that ok (weird), I said fine, but it's supposed to be watermelon vanilla coke. So she reached over to put in watermelon in it (because I go through the drive through because I don't like to tip there). So I drive off, take a sip, and there's no vanilla in mine. I'm totally bummed, that's the whole reason I go. And this isn't the first time it has happened. So, I told Eric when I took him his drink, that I'm done with paying for Sonic. IF we get gift cards, we'll go, but until that day, we are going cold turkey :) Ok, enough of this random post, I gotta go clean my kitchen!


Colleen said...

those pictures are sooo cute! I love the on of Cara kissing Micah. Her hair is gorg, by the way. :)

The White Family said...

Only way I could give up Sonic cold turkey was to move to the Netherlands. Miss my diet cherry limeade and lemonberry slushes sooooo much. Almost as much as my friends! Just kidding!

Melissa said...

I love Sonic but have the worst luck with the ones out here in Katy. Was it the one by Target?

Misty said...

This particular time it was the one on south mason, but the one on target messes up the most!!

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