Monday, February 23, 2009

I won something!! Something USEFUL!!

I'm SOOO Excited!! :) You know me and my blog surfing obsession. Well, it has finally paid off. Sterling, you are going to be SOOO jealous ;). I won the Biggest Loser Workout 2 DVD!! I was surfing from another blog and landed on Jaycie's blog, Coupon Geek. I actually forgot I entered, because I enter lots of things. She commented on my last post, on how she saved lots of money looking at her 'silly' bills. Go take a look here.

Just an update on the weight loss thing. In 7 weeks I've lost 7.4 pounds. It's not awesome (I started off REALLY strong), I kinda fizzled out a little, but I am now re-commited, and I really want to focus on working out more. I'm eating decently healthy; it's so much harder to lose weight HEALTHILY (for me) while breastfeeding. I did some research, and for my height and weight, I'm supposed to eat 2000 calories to LOSE weight! That's a LOT. I'm also focusing on WHAT I'm eating (I look at my daily analysis, i.e. carbs, fat, protein, etc). It's hard not to just eat junk (like girl scout cookies!) to get to my daily count. But my main goal is to nurse Micah for a year, or more, so if I lose more slowly because of that, I'm ok with it.

Also, who doesn't love FREE food. Especially Free Hot Toasted Sandwiches! I LOVE me some quiznos. Click here to get your free sub. Good luck printing the coupon, we've tried 3 times, and it absolutely will NOT work our new printer :( So very sad. Thanks MSM.

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