Friday, February 20, 2009

Free $25 to get you started saving!

Hi again Friends!

So, if you would like a free $25 for about 5 minutes of work, and getting yourself start with a high interest savings account, please email me. While having so many accounts at ING and Sharebuilder (thanks to free money), I have a great offer. If you email me at mistylnewsome at yahoo . com, I will send you a referral link for an instant $25 as long you as make an initial deposit of $250. Of course you can transfer this out if need be, but I'd consider leaving it in. It would be a great place to store that emergency fund, or tax refund, and it will make it harder to just transfer to use when it's not an emergency. Don't get me wrong, it's as easy as transferring money from your ING savings to your checking or savings that you have linked, however, it takes a couple days, and it'll make you think hard on if it is a true emergency before transferring! Please leave me a comment or send me an email and I will get you your unique link.

Just a note, I've been with ING for over 18 months, and have never had a problem. Their customer service is great, they always pay more interest than I can find elsewhere on the web (unless you have $25,000 sitting around not doing anything for you!), and it's a very user friendly site. Also note, if you take advantage of this offer, I will get $10 as a referral bonus, while you get $25. However, just note that it will be going into Micah and Cara's savings, not my own! :)

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