Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I refuse to feel like a criminal!

For the most part, I have never had a problem with stores accepting my coupons. Until last night. And again today. And it irked me a little. Last night I did a quick run to Kroger to stock up on some stuff the grocery game had on their list, that we like and I had coupons for. I had also gone through my coupons yesterday for all the ones expiring 2/28 or 3/1, since we are going out of town Thursday through Saturday, and I knew if I didn't need them for last night's visit, they'd expire, and I pulled them out to ship to the troops address I got.

So I'm at Kroger last night, and this punk kid is checking me out. I say this because I had dealt with him previously during my trip trying to find the small packs of tuna that were on sale, and he was basically like, 'sorry, I don't go in the back (which is right near us), you'll have to go (all the way to the front) ask customer service.' I'm sorry, I grew up working in a grocery store, and I was raised to try to help people whenever I can. The manager (after trekking to CS) actually walked me over to where the packs were on an end-cap (they were out of them on the shelf). He's so nice, that's why I always go to that Kroger, he's been very nice and helpful in the past as well. Anyways, so he's scanning my coupons after he rang me up, and this one for refried beans kept beeping. He's like 'did you get 2' and I said yes, he didn't actually stop talking to the guy who bagged my groceries long enough (wow, their conversation on how scary Friday the 13th was riveting, oh and how some girl at their school and the bagger raced on some back road (wow, makes me want to teach my kids to drive), and then later that night she flipped her brand new car daddy had bought her) to actually look up and see me holding them up. Anyways, I was freaking out a little, like maybe it WAS my mistake. Maybe I gave them an expired coupon. After he got the other coupons to ring up (after I told him the ones that I print on my computer had to be typed in, they just never scan--WOW, he L.O.V.E.D. me for that one), he called I think the customer service manager or someone over. She asked me if I bought 2, I showed her, she tried to ring it up again, she said, oh, it expired on 2/28 (um, it's 2/24 today), then caught her mistake, and gave it to me. But man, I just hate making people wait (the ones in line behind me), but not enough to not get my $1.00 (50 cent coupon doubled).

Enter today, there's a great deal on getting 2 free Jack in the Box tacos today. I know, not really on my diet, but I was raised on these things, and RARELY EVER get them (like maybe twice a year--unless I'm pregnant ;)). So, why not get them when they're free. I read the fine print, it said from 12 am to 11:59 pm, so midnight to midnight today, 2/24. I stopped by on my way home from Micah's 4 month appointment and mailing some tax returns. I was feeling good about my healthy breakfast, good quiet time, kid-free shower (not that they shower with me, but that they are awake when I shower, they were both asleep) and plans to work out this afternoon, so I went through the drive through. You'd think Jack--even through his coma or whatever he's got going on--would have told his stores that this is happening--since it did come directly from HIS website. That they would expect people getting 2 free tacos all day (I mean, it's only 99cents, and the majority of people out there will buy a drink or something, which they usually make around 85% profit on--just not me). So I tell the lady I have a coupon for 2 free tacos, and she said ok, like she knew what was going on. I get up there, hand her my coupon, and she looks at it for what seems like 10 minutes. She asked if I printed it online and I said yes. She first starts to argue with me that it says 12 AM and that it is only 10:30 AM. Um, I had to explain to her that 12 AM was midnight this morning, and it's good for all day. That took a good 3 minutes convincing her that noon was PM, not AM. WOW. Then she says that the code 761 (that you can all clearly see on the coupon) is not valid when she types it into her computer. I told her this was not my problem as I printed it directly from hang in there jack . com, which is a Jack in the Box website. I mean seriously, offer a coupon and then not put the code in the computers, or tell the stores it is happening?!?! She ended up giving me the 2 free tacos anyways, arguing with me the whole time. I tried to be polite and courteous, and think I succeeded, but I just came home irked at the whole thing. I will not be made to feel like a criminal just because I use coupons!!

On a side note, I was going through them all yesterday when Micah was sleeping after Cara came home from school. She was playing right outside the back door coloring with chalk, but decided to come in and 'help' mommy cut her coupons :) It was so cute. I mean, I didn't let her near the actual ones, but the extra newspaper/ads laying around I let her tear like she was cutting some out for me. I think it's hilarious that after only 2 months, she knows what coupons are and what I do with them (she tried to help me 'file') :)


Tiffany said...

You have only been doing the coupon thing for two months? I figured you had been doing this for much longer, because you sound like such a pro already! I think I will try to get inspired and start clipping coupons while on maternity leave. Do you get the Chronicle?

Misty said...

I used to do it awhile ago, then stopped. It's hard doing it alone, but with the awesome blogs out there now, I know exactly what to do. www.moneysavingmom.com www.kingdomfirstmom.com www.moneysavingmethods.blogspot.com :)

I get the chronicle delivered on sundays :)

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